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  • UNDP Innovation

    UNDP Innovation

    We are pioneering new ways of doing development that build countries’ capacity to deliver change at scale.

  • World Food Programme

    World Food Programme

    The United Nations World Food Programme works towards a world of Zero Hunger.

  • Jean-Martin Bauer

    Jean-Martin Bauer

    Country Director @WFP in Congo-Brazzaville

  • cLabs


    Building financial technology to enable prosperity of all beings. cLabs started Celo in 2018 and is one of many contributors to the open source project.

  • 0xMaxim


    COO @ zapper.fi | Decentralized Community Intern | Simple Farmer | 0xmaxim.eth

  • Chloe Diamond

    Chloe Diamond

    Content Designer, Media Editor & Curator at MoCDA, CMO at Swash.

  • Blockchain DuDe

    Blockchain DuDe

    Investor and Blockchain Enthusiast II Writes about technology & projects that can bring change 😎

  • Carlos Muñoz

    Carlos Muñoz

    Communications Officer at WFP since 2014. Responsible for building and enhancing WFP SCOPE's Brand Image.

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