Fulfilling dreams in Kenya’s urban slum: Ian’s path from being homeless to starting a tech job with WFP

Watch Ian’s story narrated by himself and filmed by his friend Oscar Omondi.
Ian dreamt of becoming a software developer. Photo: WFP/EMPACT.
Despite growing public efforts to modernize Kibera, poverty and job scarcity remain critical issues for Kibera’s residents. Photo: WFP/Gulia Rakhimova.
Ian and his colleagues at the EMPACT training in Kibera. November 2021. Photo: WFP/EMPACT.

“When you earn income after a long time of being jobless and homeless, it feels terrific.”

“Having been in the same place helps me to empathize with students and share my first-hand experience. This hopefully inspires them to keep learning and thrive in the programme, as it’s a truly life-changing opportunity.”

Ian hopes to bring a positive change to his community by training incoming EMPACT students. November 2021. Photo: WFP/EMPACT.


EMPACT supports displaced and food-insecure young people to unlock their true potential and kickstart careers in the technology sectors in Colombia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. Through partnerships with the private sector, EMPACT provides short, focused practical training in digital, soft and language skills and connects the students with online, remote and local IT jobs. Globally, more than 13,000 refugees and food-insecure youth gained access to online work opportunities and built viable livelihoods through EMPACT.

Read more about WFP’s EMPACT innovation project.



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