Ghufran’s Story: How WFP paves the path to success through innovation

Ghufran at the EMPACT centre. Photo: WFP/RIRP.
Attending online lessons from home during COVID-19 lockdown. Photo: WFP/RIRP.
Attending Orientation Training at Zain Telecom. Photo: WFP/RIRP.

“We have prioritized young Iraqis, Syrian refugees and vulnerable youth, with a special emphasis on women who head their households as a means to empower them. It is also to demonstrate how they can employ innovation and technology to make a livelihood, something that was thought unachievable by our participants before,” said WFP’s Head of Baghdad Field Office Khansaa Ghazi, responsible for implementing and monitoring the project in Anbar and Baghdad.

Attending Orientation at Zain Telecom. Photo: WFP/RIRP.



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