Going against the grain

WFP supports three new innovations to transform grain storage and distribution

Beneficiaries claiming their subsidised food rations at their local fair price shop in Rayagada, India. WFP has introduced innovations such as biometric authentication to improve efficiency and accuracy. Photo: WFP/Aditya Arya
The prototype GrainATM being tested in a factory setting in India. The dispenser is designed to hold about 200 kilograms of wheat and rice. Photo: WFP/Mayank Shekhar
GrainATM will ensure the right amount of grains is dispensed to the right person at the right time, while maintaining social distancing. Photo: WFP/Mayank Shekhar

Sprinting from idea to impact

Dry grains mean income gains

The GrainMate moisture meter helps farmers measure the moisture content in their grains and reduce post-harvest losses. Photo: Sesi Technologies
Isaac Sesi, co-founder of Sesi Technologies pitching GrainMate on-stage at WFP’s Silicon Valley Pitch Night. GrainMate won the “Most Impactful Pitch Award.” Photo: WFP USA/Marcus Edwards

It’s all in the bag

Hermetic storage bags are a simple and low-cost method of reducing post-harvest losses due to pests, helping smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. Photo: WFP/Evin Joyce

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