Hello Tractor: Innovating in the Agri Sharing Economy

Hello Tractor is an Internet of Things technology for hiring out agricultural machinery to smallholder farmers.

“Currently many of our communities and farmers are faced not only with COVID-19 challenges, but also the impacts of desert locusts and fall army worm infestations. Hello Tractor is responding to this triple threat by partnering with like-minded organizations to digitize last-mile input distribution, utilizing our established tractor networks to provide much needed seeds, fertilizers and other inputs.”

“Our world is on fire. The flames of COVID-19 and the desert locust infestations are taking lives and creating disruptions to local food supplies that threaten to destabilize our region. While these challenges seem too large to do anything about, we can do our part. We have drafted a response strategy that takes the best of what we do and applies that to supporting farmers in our regions that desperately need the help.”

Hello Tractor creates efficiencies for smallholder farmers, to get produce to market.
Hello Tractor’s award-winning mobile app
Hello Tractor team



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