New global principles for innovative and ethical AI

A participant in WFP’s Digital Microwork project that connects young people to an online microwork platform, enabling them to earn income from machine learning jobs. Photo: WFP/Brian Otieno.
WFP’s DEEP project uses AI to analyze drone images and speed up response times during emergencies. Photo: WFP/Katarzyna Chojnacka.

WFP applications of AI ethics

WFP supports global efforts to promote ethical AI and the work of the Inter-Agency Working Group on AI within the UN’s High-Level Committee on Programme. After the adoption of the Recommendation on the Ethics of AI by UNESCO’s General Conference in 2021, the Working Group has translated it into Principles for the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence in the UN System.

SMP PLUS is a WFP project that uses artificial intelligence to design cost-effective, nutritious menus for school children. Photo: WFP/Dismerda Ramirez.

Learn more:

  • Find out more about WFP’s frontier innovations portfolio — cutting-edge technologies and ideas that can offer new ways of delivering humanitarian assistance.
  • Read this blog and watch this video to learn more about AI technology and its applications in WFP’s work.



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