PLUS one for School Meals: Enhancing WFP’s school feeding programme in the Dominican Republic

SMP PLUS is an online software for optimizing school menus.
  • Optimization: The software allows for an artificial intelligence (AI)-based option with a simple interface, allowing the user to find the best possible school menu based on their preferences. It considers simultaneously cost, nutrition requirements, food origin and local eating habits to a complete menu composed of different meals every day. In Bhutan, up to 16 percent cost savings are being achieved thanks to this modality, while simultaneously increasing the amount of local product by 60 percent.
  • Manual Customization: This feature allows a more traditional approach to menu creation. Users can craft their menu manually and see at a glance its cost, nutritional value and food sourcing. This integrating modality is the one used by the Dominican Republic to manage their school menus.
  • Community Integration: This feature allows the user to build up a school menu at the grassroots level. The software is tablet-friendly and allows the user to not only involve communities into the decision-making process, but to also gather field data, such as food price information or local dietary preferences. Based on over a decade of work by Partnership for Child Development (PCD) — Imperial College working with communities and governments in a number of countries.
Dr. Zara De Los Santos, a Nutrition Analyst at INABIE, conducts a training session on the SMP PLUS platform with Dr. Ana Zabala. Photo: WFP/Dismerda Ramirez
Lucia, analysing the nutritional content of school meals using SMP Plus. Photo: WFP/Lucía Vásquez



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