Seeds of change: WFP worked with a Nigerian startup to unlock smallholders’ potential

Smallholder producers number over 500 million worldwide — including farmers, fishers, foresters, and herders. Despite producing a large portion of the world’s food, they are often food insecure themselves — growing and earning just enough income to make it to the next harvest. Photo: WFP/Favour Eze.

Sprinting from idea to impact

The Thrive Agric team at the WFP Innovation Bootcamp in February 2020. The WFP Innovation Accelerator’s bootcamps are often the first stop on the journey for innovation teams to dive deep into project challenges, develop solutions, and refine their project plans. Photo: WFP/Paul Guenther.

Enabling agriculture in Adamawa State

Thrive Agric works with smallholder farmers to help them become competitive players in local and international markets. Photo: WFP/Favour Eze.
Thrive Agric hired and trained 100 field agents in the State of Adamawa and onboarded around 12,000 smallholder farmers. Photo: WFP/Favour Eze.

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WFP Innovation Accelerator

WFP Innovation Accelerator

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