Seven innovations pave the way to Zero Hunger in a time of climate crisis

Climate Innovations can build sustainable food systems of the future. Illustration by Sanjna Sudan


Aumsat provides services for detecting, predicting, and forecasting underground water resources without having to be physically present on the field.


Fonio is a food processing machine that speeds up the processing of fonio, a crop that grows in West Africa.

Photo: Rolex Awards/Fatoumata Diebaté

Blue Marble

Blue Marble is an innovative agriculture insurance technology solution that enables access to insurance for people facing food insecurity.


Etherisc offers blockchain-enabled, affordable, and accessible crop insurance.

Photo: Etherisc/Michiel Berende

Emerging Cooking Solutions

The Emerging Cooking Solutions project offers a stove that runs on local agro-waste.


MegaGas recycles plastic waste to produce clean and affordable cooking gas.

Photo: MegaGas/Peter Kamau

Africa GreenTec AG

Africa GreenTec (AGT) offers a solar-powered cooling storage unit. The lack of infrastructure and services has massive effects on food security and livelihoods in rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, 40 percent of the post-harvest food produce is lost due to the lack of cooling storage. This has negative impacts on the income and nutritional status of smallholder farmers and their communities.

WFP Innovation Bootcamp is an opportunity for teams to ideate further and refine their solutions to become field-ready. Over the course of a week, they will participate in workshops and one-on-one mentorship with industry experts on user research, human-centered design, prototyping, market access, and other areas.

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