Take humanitarian innovation impact to the max with market access strategy

Photo: WFP/Emanuel Feruzi

Ensuring that social impact innovations reach the market

Market access is a well-known challenge for innovators seeking to pilot their ideas in the real world. In the mentoring discussions, innovation teams express consistent concerns: How can we implement healthcare innovation in the fastest and most efficient way? How can we ensure it reaches the people that it needs to? How can we achieve buy-in in a target country, in the absence of networks, and with minimal resources?


Understand the market and end-users

Value proposition

Demonstrate the value of your innovation

Stakeholder engagement

Put your value proposition into action

  • Healthcare providers: the physician, nurse or other medical personnel who delivers the innovation to the target community.
  • Beneficiaries: direct consumers, including the patient, caregiver or other people who would benefit from the healthcare innovation.
  • Funders: people or organizations that provide financial support in delivering healthcare innovation to the end-user. These can range from the beneficiaries themselves to their employer, medical insurance provider, government, non-governmental organizations or other public or private entity.

Expanding horizons

The market access strategy enables innovators to reach communities in need more efficiently and maximizes social impact. The above framework can serve as useful guidance, but I encourage innovators to keep seeking advice and honest feedback from mentors as they continue their innovation journeys. More and more professionals and experts are available to share knowledge and mentor social business start-ups across developing markets these days. It will not only make the world a better place but also allow experts themselves to broaden their horizons and stay on a continuous learning path.



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