Tech Training Tackles Youth Unemployment in Kenya’s Largest Urban Slum — Five Personal Stories from Kibera

WFP’s EMPACT programme provides digital skills through a tailored, focused vocational training programme, and partners with leading tech firms like Fiverr and Pluralsight, to connect trainees with online work opportunities. Photo: Kevin Ogesi

Ian Kimaru, 27

I am finally able to buy enough food and rent a house of my own

Building on knowledge acquired through EMPACT digital skills training, Ian Kimaru co-founded an online job matching platform for young people in Kenya. Photo: Kevin Ogesi

Linet Ngina Mutua, 25

The training allowed me to discover my true potential and believe in a bright future

From left to right: Lilian Simiyu, Linet Ngina Mutua, Kevin Ogesi and Innocent Wanyama are studying together in KNLS Library in Kibera. Photo: Kevin Ogesi

Kevin Ogesi, 20

I used to rely on word of mouth when looking for a job, which was more time-consuming than useful

Innocent Wanyama, 35

I was an IT support specialist struggling to get a job

Innocent Wanyama is currently studying cloud technology and other in-demand Google developer skills through EMPACT. Photo: Kevin Ogesi

Lilian Simiyu, 24

We work as a team and support each other, and I believe we can bring a positive change to our community





Sourcing, supporting and scaling high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger.

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WFP Innovation Accelerator

WFP Innovation Accelerator

Sourcing, supporting and scaling high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger.

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