Testing innovations to break through Maternal Health bottlenecks during COVID-19 and beyond

Past participants at a WFP innovation bootcamp in collaboration with UNFPA.
Photo: @UNFPApanama

UNFPA Panama

Problem: Due to COVID-19, indigenous women in Panama are accessing sexual and reproductive health services and giving birth in clinics significantly less.

Photo: Roderick T.J. Buiskool/ UNFPA Timor-Leste

UNFPA Timor-Leste

Problem: Timor-Leste’s rugged terrain makes it hard for pregnant women to reach facilities when emergencies occur, and for midwives to access follow-up training.

UNFPA Nicaragua

Problem: With COVID-19, pregnant women may miss vital health care visits, increasing their risk of undetected complications.

Photo: @UNFPAUganda

UNFPA Uganda

Problem: Financial barriers that women and their partners in low- and middle-income countries face when preparing for pregnancy and life with a new child.

UNFPA Equatorial Guinea

Problem: Like many countries with high maternal mortality, Equatorial Guinea has a need for more specialized providers to manage obstetric emergencies.

Photo: M&J Kotsopoulos 2009
Photo: UNFPA Egypt


Problem: For pregnant women in rural Siwa, maternal health care facilities are often more than 300 km away.

UNFPA Rwanda

Problem: Sustainable and cost-effective continuous professional development is a priority for Rwanda’s health sector, especially given COVID-19.

Mugisha Philippe at work, Kibagabaga Hospital. Photo: UNFPA, May 2020
Photo: UNFPA Mozambique

UNFPA Mozambique

Problem: Delays in reaching health care facilities in rural Mozambique is a bottleneck in obtaining life-saving maternal health care care.

UNFPA Bangladesh

Problem: In Bangladesh, less than 50 percent of all deliveries take place in health care facilities, due to factors such as high potential costs, fear of surgery, and different delays.

Photo: @UNFPABangladesh



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