Unlocking Health Campaign Effectiveness with Innovation


Balcony enables organizations to alert, poll, and visually direct people on the ground in real time, fusing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), messaging functionality and analytics into an easy-to-use dashboard platform. It then verifies mission-critical information with people on the ground according to their real-time location while protecting their anonymity. balcony.io

Mass Vaccination Campaigns: Reaching the Zero Dose Child

Mass Vaccination Campaigns optimizes the use of Supplementary Immunization Activity (SIA) microplans to increase campaign effectiveness and strengthen the routine immunization, mapping and enumerating of children using a phone-based application. Data is then used to inform population denominators and identify areas with a high proportion of measles, for instance, to target these areas for the campaign and routine vaccination activities.

Human Engagement Learning Platform (HELP)

HELP translates ethical intentions into policy and practice, helping global health organizations with innovative planning, design, management, and evaluation strategies. HELP aims to become a leader in global health ethics through research, development and marketing of original tools, education and training. helpforglobalhealth.com


Crosscut provides web-based tools to make health campaigns more effective, using nothing more than the country’s master facilities list and a few parameters entered by the user. Crosscut subdivides countries into catchment areas served by health facilities, and then further subdivides into microplan catchment areas served by health campaign teams. crosscut.io

Systems Dynamics Modeling to Improve the Impact of Health Campaigns in Zimbabwe

Increases the impact of health campaigns by working together with government stakeholders to develop quantitative decision-making tools. The next step is a management flight simulator (MFS) tool, which provides a user-friendly interface that allows stakeholders themselves to test out proposed interventions and to assess the likely impact before the campaign begins.

Predictive Analytics

Integrates capacities and streamlines processes for better health campaign outcomes by building simple and effective predictive tools, together with governments and university students. This will help identify who needs which services most, pre-positioning the right amount of resources.



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