8 disruptive innovations for a world without hunger

Participants in an in-person WFP Innovation Bootcamp in Munich, Germany, 2019. Photo: WFP/Joerg Koch.

WFP Innovation Bootcamp and Pitch Event

The WFP Innovation Bootcamp is an opportunity for teams to ideate further and refine their solutions to become field-ready. Over the course of the week, they will participate in workshops and one-on-one mentorship with industry experts on user research, human-centered design, prototyping, market access, and other areas.

To secure a seat at the WFP Pitch Event, register here.

Payment Instrument Tracking (PIT) — Digitizing cash assistance

Payment Instrument Tracking (PIT) is WFP’s application to speed up cash-based transfers of humanitarian assistance.

Munyange holds up the digital cash card from WFP which she will use to buy food. The cash meets the immediate food gap while families build resilience against climate-related shocks. Photo: WFP/Martin Karimi.

Kitchen in a Box — Enabling safe school meals

Kitchen in a Box is a WFP project that equips schools to serve healthy meals.

Aanika Biosciences — Molecular-level solutions to global problems

Aanika Biosciences is a start-up that uses microbes to trace food products.

Illustration of the Aanika technology. Illustration: Aanika Biosciences, Inc.

Rebug to Debug — Insect farming for zero waste

Rebug to Debug uses insects to turn maize waste into valuable bioproducts.

GeoTar — Geospatial vulnerability profiling and targeting system

GeoTar is a WFP project that improves targeting in humanitarian operations.

GeoTar will use satellite imagery to improve the precision of geographic targeting. Photo: ESA/ATG medialab.

Sustainable Fuel for Cooking — Biogas from an alternative source

Sustainable Fuel for Cooking is WFP’s project to produce biogas from water plants.

Chimoney — Global cash transfers

Chimoney is a company enabling fast, secure and inclusive cash transfers globally.

Global value transfers to contributors, campaigns, and communities: Chimoney can be sent from and to anyone in the world. Illustration: Chimoney/Faheed Alli-Balogun.

CROPS Nutri Bar — Locally produced nutritious bars

WFP’s CROPS (Creating Responsive Opportunities towards Progress and Sustainability) project promotes the local production of nutritious bars.

Can your solution be next on the list?

The WFP Innovation Challenge 2022 is currently accepting applications. If you have a solution enabling communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change, this is your opportunity to contribute to a future without hunger. Apply here before 30 June 2022, 11:59 (CEST).



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