User Research: Why You Should Keep People Front and Centre in the Innovation Process

If you think you know enough about your user, you are wrong—Watch this webinar from the Innovation Acceleration Week co-organised by the Humanitarian Grand Challenge and the WFP Innovation Accelerator.

User research is the soul of the innovation process

The fundamental difference between traditional project management and Human-Centred Design is that the latter engages the future users of your solution (pink figures) much earlier and more frequently.

Every life is complex already — your solution needs to fit in

“We need to recognise that our solution doesn’t exist in a vacuum.”

Starting your user research

During User Research, we aim to have in-depth conversations with a few people, instead of reaching for a large-scale, statistically significant insight. You don’t need to engage hundreds of people; recent research suggests that 80 to 92 percent of new concepts can be identified in the first 10 interviews.

“We have to be open to change, pivot, or sometimes accept failure and learn from it.”

The bottom line: our mindset

  1. The world is a diverse place and so are people — we all have our different experiences, viewpoints and needs that influence our routines and life choices;
  2. It is impossible to know everything so there is always more to learn about a specific problem in a particular context, especially as an outsider;
  3. The more we learn, the more we can improve and grow.




Sourcing, supporting and scaling high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger.

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WFP Innovation Accelerator

WFP Innovation Accelerator

Sourcing, supporting and scaling high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger.

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