Save Our Food Systems: WFP Innovations that Solve Systemic Problems From Seed To Plate

A food system is a complex network of resources, people and activities that are involved in producing food, transforming it, and making sure it reaches hungry people. Photo: WFP/David Fernandez.

The Bad Year: Growing green in the harshest conditions

Low-income families often cut back on meals to stretch out food supplies

In 9 countries where H2Grow operates, people grow vegetables and animal fodder in non-fertile, arid and urban areas with limited space.

The Last Mile: Getting food to the farthest reaches

The vast majority of the hungry poor are geographically, economically and politically isolated

Air deliveries can reach some of the most cut-off places on earth with innovative parachutes which ensure a soft landing of cargo. Photo: WFP/Tomson Phiri.
WFP Somalia designed, implemented and scaled up e-Shop to promote price transparency and competition; make nutritious food more accessible and affordable; reduce exposure to COVID-19 in the food assistance and retail process; and stimulate the market for local food suppliers, retailers and delivery agents. Photo: WFP/Ismail Taxta.

The Good Year: Preserving every single grain

Food systems in famine-stricken countries are typically unable to absorb food surpluses

A simple text message can save livelihoods: a farmer reads a text message update on maize prices to choose the most optimal time to sell his produce. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji.

Transforming food systems for the future




Sourcing, supporting and scaling high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger.

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WFP Innovation Accelerator

WFP Innovation Accelerator

Sourcing, supporting and scaling high-impact innovations to disrupt hunger.

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